5 Things That Tell You It Is Time To Replace Your Electric Gates

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Automatic Gates
May 25, 2021 0 Comments

If you live in the United Kingdom or anywhere with the same weather, you won’t need reminding of the harsh climate. It takes its toll on our homes, particularly the front gates. While a good set of gates will last for many years, there will come a day when they need replacing. With that in mind, here are a few tell-tale signs that your gates are ready to be retired.

Noises Coming From The Motor

This is a sure sign that the motor has seen better days (most are under 5-year warranty) and if you are going to replace the motor, you might as well have a new set of gates fabricated. If it is our business premises that needs new gating, search for commercial electric sliding gates and that will bring up a list of established custom gate makers.

Restricted Movement

If, for example, the tracking is old and worn, this could cause serious resistance and that can blow your electric motor. Always take note of how the gates operate. In the event, there are any issues, call the supplier and ask them to pay you a visit and investigate.

Decaying Timber

If your wooden gates are old, that will be quite apparent and there’s little point in trying to preserve rotten wood. Better to talk to a leading custom gate builder who designs, fabricates and installs top quality electric gating for residential and commercial properties. You should closely inspect wooden gates every few months and a coat of varnish will prolong its life.


In the event the gates cease to operate, it might be something minor, or it could be a terminal issue whereby the gates have reached the end of their life. If your gates are closed and for any reason you cannot open them, disengage the gearing and manually open the gates, then call the gate supplier and ask him to pay you a visit.


Steel and wrought iron gates can fall victim to rust, especially if they are old and have not been regularly painted. If you are unsure about what to so, ask a builder if it is worth trying to repair the gates, or simply start again with a new design. This could also impact security and calling in a professional gate supplier is the best solution; if an intruder notices rusty gates, this might encourage them to investigate further, as it does suggest an insecure property.

Once you have decided to replace the gates, search online for a leading custom gate company and make an appointment for a technician to pay you a visit and you can discuss the many options. The process of designing the gates can take a while, as there are a lot of add-ons and accessories, but once a design is agreed on, the supplier can quote an all-inclusive price. If you are happy with everything, an installation date can be scheduled, which would normally be in a few weeks’ time.

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