How To Design A Shared Bathroom?

How To Design A Shared Bathroom?
July 30, 2021 0 Comments

Many home owners would rather have a separate room for themselves where they can relax and enjoy the privacy of a private space. They do not want to share this space with other members of the family. However, it is important to maintain a separate space for each member of the family, albeit opting for a shared bathroom due to limited space. The design and layout of a bathroom play an important role in providing comfort to each member.

How Many Would Use It?

A common question that pops up often would be, ‘how to design a shared bathroom?’ Before you start designing your bathroom, you need to consider what kind of space will be available for a shared bathroom suite. Depending on how many members are sharing the bathroom, you may find that there is only one small bathroom area that can be used for a bathroom suite. On the other hand, if there are only two members who are sharing the bathroom, then you will have more space to work with. It still depends on the size and style of the bathroom suite.

Choosing The Colours & Designs

You need to choose the colours and designs of the bathroom suite. Remember that the colours and materials used for the suite should match the other fixtures in the bathroom. For instance, when using granite tiles, it is advisable to keep other fixtures in the bathroom like sink, countertops and tub in the same colour. In order to make the space look bigger, you can use rugs or mats. These will not only make the space look bigger but also keep the area organised. A bathroom showroom Weybridge has, for example, can demonstrate how to choose the best colours for a bathroom you want. If you live elsewhere, start searching through Google for showrooms near you and visit at least two you find in the search results.

Take A Look At Other Design Features

On top of choosing the right colours and designs, you also have to consider other design features that will help in making the space look great. For instance, when you have a shared bathroom, it is important to put in shelves to store personal items such as toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos and other things. If there are children in the house, you should install locking cabinets. Adults should still be able to use their personal items in this private area. If there is an overhead light in the bathroom, this will make it easier to find items during the night time.

Separating Different Areas

Last but not the least, you still have to think about the best ways to separate the different areas, even though it is a shared bathroom you are designing. In order to separate the shower area from the vanity area and the tub area, you have to create a partition that runs from the top of the tub all the way to the ceiling. This way, you will be able to keep the bathroom suite away from these areas and still enjoy the space.

When you are done with the design process, you will also need to plan out where you will place the switches, the lights and other fixtures. Since these are located in different places around the bathroom, it is important to have everything planned out before you start working on the renovation.

It would help if you hire a professional contractor to handle the project. Although there are many DIYers who can do a great job in renovating shared bathrooms, having a professional who knows what he or she is doing will ensure that your new design is a success.

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